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Harry Potter-mania

We never got into Harry Potter. We've watched some of the movies, but we have no interest in Quidditch, magic spells, Ron Weasley, and whatnot.

We're also like "WTF" about Teen Vogue having Emma Watson on the cover and saying "The new IT girl", she's so stylish, blah  blah. We have no sympathy for this girl. She dressed up nicely for the premiere of her new film?

Well, guess what? She is wealthy and she's probably got a stylist helping her out. Let's keep it in perspective.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe isn't attractive. Ugh.

Are we going a little bit too far?

Now, don't get us wrong, we love Michael Jackson and we do believe his untimely death did warrant plenty of media attention.


this is 7th most popular story at CNN.com

Psychics see magic in Michael Jackson's life

  • Story Highlights
  • Numerologist says Michael Jackson's numbers add up to charisma
  • Paranormal professionals see Jackson as out of this world
  • Psychic believes Jackson will be reincarnated within 20 years
  • Loss of Jackson "creates a vacuum" psychic consultant says


Here at Celebtalk, we are no fans of HLN or Nancy Grace, and aside from all the things you could criticize about crime shows, we'll address the most shallow thing about those shows...

We present to you: OUR ISSUE.


Someone needs to tell us what is going on up there. Jane Velez-Mitchell has a sort of a mullet, but with bangs. Her hair looks a little bit like an octopus there...also, it also seems like she had bulky short hair and it got long, and really soft stray hairs started showing up and she just let them run their course.

Fun fact: Jane Velez-Mitchell is a vegan, she's a lesbian, and an animal rights activist. Guess she isn't that bad after all.


Okay, granted that this is not the best quality picture out there, but do you see the similarity? The really bulky top with the soft bangs. We know it isn't as bad as Jane's, but they do look alike.

Miami Social?

Bravo has started introducing their new "hot" summer show, Miami Social.

On its website, Bravo proclaims,
"Heading to the country's hottest city to show you what life is like in the lively social scene of South Beach, Bravo explores the lives of a group of hot, young professionals – corporate types by day and party animals by night – as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of Miami's hottest locales."

One airhead in the promo says something of the like of:
"Looks matter a lot"

and another one states something of the effect that,
"I'm dating a Russian hottie...our relationship is volatile"

a short-haired photographer, mother of a girl, exclaims,
"I date both guys and girls...why discriminate?"

We love bisexuals, we love gays, but we don't know your daughter needs to know? Or does she know? Too soon to pass judgment but....

It seems to us that this show puts together a lot of people who don't act their age. Put together a bunch of thirty-year olds that work in the day and party like they're 21 at night.

We didn't like high schoolers behaving like they're 30 in "NYC Prep", so we don't like the idea of 30 year-olds behaving like they have no responsibility, nothing to worry about. For some reason, it is hard to muster up something sadder than being older and having your life revolve around partying and "meeting the right people" at sleazy clubs.

We'll probably watch "Miami Social" a couple of times, give it a chance, when it debuts on July 14th, but mark our words: this will be sad.


It seems to be that Hollywood stars do pass away in threes.

Unfortunately, on Thursday last week, the world lost Farrah Fawcett. That same day, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died, too. Later that weekend, Billy Mays, the Oxiclean guy, died.

Our hearts go out to all of these stars' lives. We will miss them.

The last (and most exciting) episode of Housewives of New Jersey is coming next week.

This is what we, here at celebtalk, are expecting.

Teresa is going to have a party. We're not sure where the party will take place, but we are going for her new house/ the Manzos. Kids are invited; however, it seems like an awkward party in which only the housewives are invited to (what kind of a party is that?).

Anyway, after everyone starts drinking, Danielle will probably confront Dina and Caroline about what happened. Teresa, who will probably be drunk by then, will start screaming at her things like we saw in the preview "prostitution whore" (a phrase that doesn't really make sense in all its redundancy, now does it?) and Danielle will try to bring Jacqueline down with her. Jacqueline will fight back and she will never be friends with Danielle again.

We cannot imagine what the reunion episode will be like for these dramatic women.

We can't wait!

Prejean is de-throned

CNN is informing that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, just got de-throned!

Here at celebtalk, we couldn't be happier! Not only did she model topless pre-contest (this violates the Miss America guidelines) and she is also against same-sex marriage. Honestly, who needs to know what her ignorant self thinks about same-sex marriage? She does not know anything and this was a long way coming.

You are the weakest link, good bye.

The Publicity Stunt escalates...

So, according to E! and some people from The Hill, Heidi was hospitalized yesterday because she was throwing up and she was passing out. It probably has to do with living in unsanitary conditions and less-than-drinkable water.

Now Spencer and Heidi are threatening to sue NBC.

Are you for real?

NBC denies all allegations and explains that there are always doctors on-site and that the actors have been provided with food.

Reality TV is not real. Big networks need to provide food, medical attention or not, they would risk a pretty big lawsuit. This is why we highly doubt that NBC would risk it in the perilous Costa Rican jungle.

Stop it!

What is probably the worst thing is that we are all watching.

Another publicity stunt?

Heidi and Spencer are out of control.

They not only decided they didn't want to be in "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" because they were "too rich and famous" but they begged the producers to let them back into the show. Publicity stunt in the jungle #1.

Check this out now,

(CNN) -- Reality TV star Heidi Pratt was hospitalized Saturday in Costa Rica, her publicist confirmed.

Heidi Pratt was taken to a hospital for an undisclosed illness, her publicist said Saturday.

Heidi Pratt was taken to a hospital for an undisclosed illness, her publicist said Saturday.

The details about Pratt's hospitalization were not immediately available. (CNN.com)

If this is another publicity stunt for some fame, we hate Speidi even more. If this is an actual disease not "exhaustion", then Heidi, we wish you a speedy recovery and all the best in the world.

Has anyone noticed...

the eerie similarity between these two?